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Health savings.

A Health Savings Account is a special type of tax-free savings account that you can use to save money for medical expenses when you are enrolled in a qualified high deductible health care plan. Health Savings Accounts have many benefits and can double as a savings vessel for you if you do not use the money in the plan for medical expenses. A Health Saving Account or HSA supplements current insurance coverage. Your Health Savings Account will help you pay for medical expenses that the insurance policy will not pay because they fall under the high deductible. Besides helping you set aside money to pay for out-of-pocket expenses that their health insurance will not pay for, another benefit of a Health Savings Account is that you can deposit money in an HSA before paying taxes on it.

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Dynamics of investment in real estate

Your neighbors at United Bank Services will listen to your specific situation, assess your home loan options, and then craft a home mortgage loan package that works best for you! Our loan originators have the experience and the expertise to create a mortgage loan scenario that will serve you for many years of home ownership.

Investment transfer.

United Bank Services shares in the lives of the many people, in the many neighborhoods, which it is privileged to serve. We love being a part of the everyday world of our customers and their families. We are proud that we can make a small contribution to the quality of life in each of these myriad communities. And we are grateful that, for more than 135 years, families and businesses have chosen United Bank Services to be their banker and neighbor.

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Developing a cohesive community of banks over a wide geographic area is challenging, but ultimately very rewarding. With each successive year of our operation, United Bank Services has invested time and talent to discover new strategies for growing our base of operations among an ever-expanding group of communities in Kentucky and Tennessee. This search for new grass-roots growth has resulted in yet another year of profitability for our corporation and our shareholders.

Committed to Service

“Theory and practice of trade TeleTrade”

Our continued goal is to seek to be the leader in the markets in which we operate. We are also proud of the level of expertise among our employees and our on-going commitment to choosing and training professional bankers who take seriously our mission of quality products and services.

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Proper investment

How to invest profitably, but without the risk of losing money? How to choose a strategy and to focus on that when it is selected ? Currently, the market offers a huge number of ways to invest money from bank deposits to gambling

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international currency market


financial a nalysis

Like you, we take business seriously, and we have a legacy of providing Neighborhood Banking to the people of western Kentucky and middle Tennessee for more than 130 years. In every market and in every community we serve, our century-long philosophy of being a good neighbor is evidenced not only by our commitment to excellent financial products, but also by our contributions to the people and businesses in each region we serve.

We care for you

We believe there is more to banking than dollars and cents. We believe that success comes from banking relationships that make sense to our customers. Because even though our charter was issued in 1879, we know that every day we open our doors to businesses, like you. We seek to build new relationships, that in turn, strengthen the neighborhoods in which we live and work.

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